Thursday, March 17, 2011

Because this is what no Facebook does to a person.

Seven months later, and I'm finally writing up another blog post? It's funny that when I first made this thing I used to take it really seriously and blog like everyday, and now... well, yeah. But for the time being, I'm back. For how long, I have no idea.. I might be gone for a longer period of time after this single blog post, or I might be back tomorrow.

So why am I back? Simple. It's lent. Meaning? No Facebook. Last year I decided that since I'm a complete facebook-aholic, the biggest sacrifice I could do during lent would be to give it up for the full 40 days. I managed last year, and I'm eight days into this year's lent and I seem to be managing .. I'm going crazy on the inside, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to hold it out another thirty-two days. I hope.

As usual, I'm meant to be studying at the moment. I start my exams tomorrow, and I've got a whole French novella to study, which I haven't even opened yet. It's not my fault it's a stupid story .. the first line is 'When I was eleven I saved up all my money and visited a prostitute'. I mean.. SERIOUSLY?! I don't know about you, but when I was eleven, I was watching Spongebob Squarepants and playing playstation games.. I doubt I even knew what sex was? So yeah, I'm not really interested in French literature at the moment.

Since my last post was in July, I never mentioned that I did, in fact, get accepted into the Sixth Forms I applied for so I now go to St Aloysius College, whoop whoop. Studying English and Maltese A'level, and French, Maths and Philosophy Intermediate. Sixth Form is amazing, really, I'm loving every second of it .. I think it's passing waaay too quickly, to be honest, mais c'est la vie. My main worry is that once I'm done with Sixth Form I have no idea what to take at University .. I don't know what I want to do with my life.
Worst comes to the worst I could always sell cat food.

Anyway, a novel about French paedophilia awaits me.
Chi :)x

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hahaha, made ya look.

Hey there bloggers, it's me? Remember me.. the girl who would bore you to death with her oh-so-useless blogs? Yeah yeah, I'm back. I forgot this thing even existed, until my friend linked me to it yesterday. I was looking at it thinking "Well hrrm, this looks familiar" .. so now here I am!

I am very much aware that I have not blogged in over a year, and there's seriously no way I could go through a year's event in just one blog post. Besides, most of my year was: studying, studying, studying, studying, school, studying, studying studying. So yeah. I had my O'levels this year, which I passed, and I'm really happy about it. Now I'm just applying for sixth forms, and hoping I get in to at least one of them.

One of my bunnies, Charlie, had babies last week, but they died. See, she ate the first batch back in December, and the second batch were just sorta .. born dead? I don't even know. My other bunny, Ashton, isn't very pleased that his kids keep dying. I'm thinking we should burn Charlie at the stake, but Kristina threatened to do the same to me. And I kinda don't want to get burned at the stake.. it would probably be painful.

So um yeah, I'll very probably forget about this thing reeeaal soon.
Chi :) x

Monday, June 1, 2009

ten months.

so i'm getting kind of nostalgically (new word-ness) sad.
those are [most of] my cruise friends. I.E. the most amazing people on the face of this planet earth.
i was just flipping through my calendar when i realised that exactly ten months ago, we left the boat. meaning, we all want our separate ways
.. :'(
these people changed my life. i'm not going to say how .. but they did.
so as i said, i'm feeling all sad right now. because i miss them. and because they live on the other side of the world, and i'm in malta. and because, well, i miss them.

chi (: x

P.S. the shocked expression on my face is because i didn't know the photo was being taken. until shelby (the girl in blue) prodded me and informed me xD
P.P.S. i think this is my lamest post so far. but i miss them. *sad face*

Thursday, May 21, 2009

distractions = bleh.

helloo my faithful readers (:

i am finding it exceedingly hard to study. like seriously, uberly fantastically difficult. everything is distracting me, and it sucks. so i've decided to stop killing myself by trying to study, and write a blog instead. tomorrow's another day right?

among many other things, the main things that have been taking over my thoughts today are yellow sunglasses, smelly socks and hurley (of lost). like, i was sitting and studying allll about momentum and how momentum is equal to the mass times the velocity, but then BAM, i start thinking "i wonder where i left my yellow sunglasses .. hmm, i wonder if wentworth miller has a pair of yellow sunglasses .. his character on prison break probably wouldnt be able to take the sunglasses to prison with him, though .. all he gets is probably clothes and a pair of socks .. eugh, his socks must stink .. hurley's probably stink too, cos he's fat .. " and so on and so forth. yes, that clearly demonstrates how messed up my train of thought is. i'm telling you, ANYTHING distracts me. uugggh !

on a happier note, guuuessss what i got today. you guessing? well, keep guessing. go onnn you know you want to keep guessing. well, i'm bored of waiting for you, so i'll go right ahead and tell you. more bookss ! haha wow, i know it sounds boring, but i was walking down to the basement today to get a chicken breast when suddenly BAMMM i see about nineteen and a half boxes full of my books. see, the other ones ran out (WHOO) so we did a reprint (WHOO), with a few tinyy arrangements (coughbarcodecough). and they arrived today. i swear i like, dropped the chicken breast the moment i saw them .. all stacked up, they're higher than i am, i swear. even though that's not much considering i'm tiny, but you get the point ..

and now i shall gooo because i should probably pick up where i left off .. momentum ..

take careee,
chi (: x

Friday, May 15, 2009

to watch gossip girl or not to watch gossip girl ..

it's twenty-one past one in the morning right now, and i've been watching gossip girl season two for the past .. two hours or so. i'm telling you, it's freaking addictive. i've been telling myself "after this episode, i'll go to bed" for, well, two hours .. and here i still am, debating whether or not to watch episode ten, or leave myself curious all night and watch it in the morning. well, later on in the morning. so i've decided to write a blog so you can all help me decide what i should do .. go to bed, or watch episode ten ? the choice is yours (haha yes i said that on purpose, because i wanted to sound like one of those weird tv presenter dudes xP)

so i just got back from my school talent show. well, "just" meaning three hours ago. but yeah, you get the point. i was line-dancing to jailhouse rock with like, twenty other girls in my form, and it was very fun. and then at the end we all danced to jai ho, that was really fun too. but yeah, honestly, i never knew just how much TALENT some of the girls in my school have got (: and yes, it finally occured to me why it's called a talent show. don't judge me because i'm slow >.<

anyways, not much else to say really and truly. actually, if i put my mind to it, i'm sure i could think of something else to talk about right now. but yeah, i'm lazy. and my thoughts are occupied with "should i watch more gossip girl?" while another part of my brain goes "well .. no". haha wait, i'll show you the conversation that different areas of my head have been having for the past fifteen minutes (and yes, i swear this is true .. my brain is very weird xP)

part 1 : should chiara watch more gossip girl?
part 2: well .. no
part 1: why not ?
part 2: because chuck might die
part 3: chuck dies !? whattt ?!
part 1: no, chuck doesn't die. you're a silly goose.
part 2: how do you know he doesn't die? you're not watching it are you?
part 1 :you're right, i think i should watch it ..
part 2: no don't
part 3: you're making my head hurt
part 1: you don't have a head. now i'm going to watch gossip girl
part 2: no don't
part 1: you're rude.
part 4: ahh i'm craving the breadsticks i was eating earlier.

waheey, looks like i had something to talk about after all ^^

muchos love,

chi (: x

Friday, May 8, 2009

for the sake of updation.

i'm at school riiighhtt now. i was [rudely] dragged out of my english lesson to come and use the computer .. haha okay, most people wouldn't be complaining if they got to miss a lesson just so they could use the internet .. but yeah, i'm not "most people". we reached a really interesting part in macbeth, so i was kind of looking forward to the lesson.

so, not much to report. my week has been pretty .. bleagh. it's been kinda rough, but i'm not going to go into detail on a worldwide website thingie which everyone can read (: just been having a couple of problems with school and stuff, so yeah.

i fixed my printer though :D rather, my dad fixed my printer. my braces are still broken .. but i made the mothers day card :D not on the glossy paper, though .. i didn't want to risk breaking my printer again. and knowing me, i would have.

ahh this is quite a boring post, but i really do have nothing to write. and i can't do anything else on the internet right now, because youtube, facebook, miniclip, every fun site has been blocked by my oh-so-lovely ICT teacher.

so i'm off. thanks for being faithful and reading this post, even though it was uninteresting times one billiiiioooooonn xP

love yous,
chi (: x

Sunday, May 3, 2009

ohhh fizzlesticks !

so i just jammed my printer. like, right now. i was trying to make a mother's day card for my mother, and i wanted to print it on that fancy glossy photo paper thing. so i got photo paper from my dad's office, but the only size i found was 4x6 in, so i tried adjusting my printer so the paper would fit.
then i pressed "print" and BAM, a little pop-up comes up telling me "your printer is now jammed". my initial thought was "ohhh fizzlesticks". actually, come to think of it, i'm still thinking "oh fizzlesticks" right now. and i'm sorta wondering how i'm going to explain to my dad that i just jammed our printer. my brother will probably laugh, and my dad will be all "imma chiara why do you do these things ghid?" and i'm just going to be like "erm, well .."

in other news, i think i broke my braces again. seriously, i was just brushing my teeth when suddenly i heard a weird clashing metal sound coming from my mouth, which i'm pretty sure i wasn't meant to be hearing .. so i think i broke my braces again, but i have nooo intention of going to the dentist until 2nd june, because he'll shout ): okay, he won't shout, he'd just be like "again, chiara ?" with this "oh why do you torture me so" expression on his face. so i'm going to spare him the "worry" (haha) and just leave them broken until 2nd june. but yeah, they're broken. i think that's also worthy of an "oh fizzlesticks".

so i basically (aaaahh i have to stop saying that word) wrote out this blog :
a) so i could demonstrate just how destructive i really am.
b) because i have nothing else to talk about
c) because i like the word fizzlesticks and wanted to use it in one of my posts.

chi (: x